Who Will Drive The Lorry?


UK bails out an American company to prevent food supply crisis: The UK government has agreed to subsidize a major US fertilizer manufacturer at a cost of several million pounds to taxpayers in order to restart carbon dioxide production vital to Britain's food supply. The gas is used to stun animals for slaughter, as well as in packaging to extend the shelf life of fresh, chilled and baked goods, and in the production of carbonated drinks. The British Meat Processors Association warned Friday that the supply shock could cause food shortages within 14 days once current stocks of CO2 gas run out.

The livestreamed hamster, named Mr. Goxx, has been independently trading a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies since June 12, and so far its performance has been impressive. As of Friday, the portfolio was up nearly 24%, according to the @mrgoxx twitter feed that documents daily performance, along with every trade made by the hamster. Mr. Goxx's performance outpaces bitcoin and the S&P 500 over the same time period.

Russian Ammo Ban: Biden Punishes Russia and US Gun Owners

Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged Donald Trump to launch a military strike against Iran after it was clear that the former US president had lost the 2020 election, a report said Thursday.Other foreign policy advisers, including then-vice president Mike Pence, also reportedly pushed for military action against Iran.
When Milley asked why they were so intent on attacking the Iranians, at a meeting where Trump was not present, Pence replied: “Because they are evil.” - Defend Democracy

Cuba produces 30 million doses of Abdala Covid-19 vaccine: Abdala, the first vaccine in Cuba and Latin America, showed an efficacy of 90 percent in critically ill patients and against the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and 92.28 percent against the symptomatic disease with a scheme of three doses at 14-day intervals.

The financial media are incapable of bringing a critical mindset to this issue because of their too-cozy relationship with Wall Street (several financial journalists actually seem to be engaged in blue-smoke-and-mirror attempts to obfuscate issues on behalf of the financial elites who turn up wherever this crime is occurring). As a result, the crack in our financial system appears to be reaching catastrophic proportions. - Deep Capture Analysis 2007

As nuclear weapons stockpiles worldwide rise and countries upgrade their warheads and missiles there is an unprecedented need to de-escalate tensions and prevent nuclear Armageddon.

Upon reading such a statement, one might regard it as self-evident. But the important thing is that it wasn’t you or me, but the Deputy Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, General John E. Hyten, who formulated it, expressing simultaneously the hope that cooler minds will prevail. He made those statements during a speech at one of Washington’s most important think tanks, the Brooking Institution.

General Hyten’s speech is important for three reasons. The first is that the general is the second-ranked American active duty military officer, in command of an arsenal capable of wiping out life on our planet. He knows all too well what he’s talking about.

Second, because neither American politicians nor the military have made such statements for a quarter of a century, since they felt as all-powerful Gods, after the fall of the Soviet regime. We are in the position of Rome after the destruction of Carthage, as the Republican ideologue Charles Krautthammer put it. - Nuclear Instability: Russia, China and the “USSR – II” scenario

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